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Art Can Help Expand Your Child's Mind

Many schools have scaled back their art programs in an effort to save money. Just because schools may be unable to offer all of the opportunities for art education does not mean your child needs to miss out. You can be the key to developing the opportunity to develop your child's mind through art.

Developing your child's interest in art can be very beneficial in many ways. Children who receive an education in the arts and develop an arts appreciation excel in mathematics and other subjects. Studies over the years have found this to be true. Studies have also shown that children who have early art education are more likely to move on to college after high school graduation.

Taking your child to the art museum can be very beneficial. This is an activity you and your child can participate in no matter the age of your child. Art museums will generally have programs developed for children to participate in hands on projects and other activities geared toward younger age groups. Having your child participate in such programs will get them familiar with art museums and make them less intimidating as they grown older.

Doing arts and crafts projects at home can help to develop your child's artistic abilities. It can also go a long way in bonding and communicating with your child. Be sure to display any projects you and your child may work on. When a child feels a sense of pride from something they have created, it helps to builds confidence and self esteem.

Choosing books related to art and an artist your child shows interest in is another way to further your child's art education. When children learn more about a form of art and those who create art it expands their way of thinking. Reading about art is also a great way to incorporate the educational building blocks of art and reading comprehension.

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