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Helping a Child Who is Struggling in School

Helping a Child Who is Struggling in School

In a perfect world, school will be simple and easy for our children. They will be able to study for multiple hours a night without being forced to, and will get As on every test.

While this scenario sounds nice, it is far from the reality that most students and parents face. Students often struggle with school, finding it difficult to focus on studying and having a hard time retaining the information that they learn in class.

As a parent, it is your job to do more than just scold your child. You must be understanding and try to help them to figure out and understand why they are struggling. You can help your child to regain the confidence they need to do well in school.

Identify Problems

The first thing that you need to do when you notice that your child is struggling in school is to talk to them about their problems. Talk to them in a caring way and allow them to open up about what frustrates them about school - even if your constant pushing is part of the problem. You need to truly understand what your child struggles with to be able to help them.

Do Not Scold or Punish

If your child is struggling in school, avoid scolding them or punishing them. They may be putting in the work and effort and yet are struggling anyway - scolding and punishing will do no good. Be a friend to your child and they are more likely to open up about the cause of their school issues.

Talk With Teachers

Finally, talk to your child's teachers about the problems that they have with their education. Your child's teacher will have a bevy of resources at their disposal and can find the best way to help your child to fix their problems.

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