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Helping Your Child Learn How to Study

Children are not simply born with the tools that they need to study for a course. They need to learn how to study from those around them. Parents should be taking an active role in the education of their child by showing them study habits that will help them to see success in the classroom.

While there are multiple things that parents can do in an attempt to teach strong study skills to their child, there are two that stand out: note taking help and study courses.

Note Taking

Ask to see your child’s notes from the classes that they take. You may notice that they are not taking notes at all - or that they are taking notes far too detailed to be effective. Show your child the importance of taking notes and show them how to use shorthand to get in as much information as possible.

Then, ask them to rewrite all of the notes that they take when they get home. Let the know that this simple step can shave time off of their overall studying, as the repetition helps to make the information stick.

Study Courses

If your child struggles with note taking and studying, and you feel as if you cannot help, consider professional options. There are plenty of professionals who teach courses in studying. There are even online courses that teach students the habits that they need to form to study as efficiently as possible.

If you notice that your child is struggling in school, ask them about their study habits and how they study. You may find that the problems that your child has with classes stem from their study habits. A few extra hours of work and a few tips will help your child to be more efficient with their studying and more successful in the classroom.

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