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Nurturing the Abilities of a Gifted and Talented Child

If you have a child who has tested into a Gifted and Talented program you will want to do all you can to nurture your child's academic abilities. While Gifted and Talented programs offer more specialized attention to the accelerated needs of gifted children, their learning should not end in the classroom. You need to provide opportunities outside of school for your child to excel and grow.

Most gifted children can clearly define their areas interest. Children tend to learn more from material concerning their interest. Focus on these interests and use them to develop activities to expand your child's knowledge. For example, if your child is interested in baseball there are several books available about everything from the history to the mathematics of baseball. You can find books related to your child's interest at your local library.

If your child has an interest in science or art then you will want to make time to take them to your local children or art museums. Children museums allow your child to get hands on experience with science related exhibits. Most art museums offer days which are focused on children where they are allowed to get special hands on experience with art education projects. These types of interactive learning environments get children more excited about learning.

These days, educational programming can be found on both public television stations and on educational channels found on cable. Keep on the lookout for programming on these channels which applies to your child's interest. Watch these programs with your child. Doing this together will give you the chance to answer any question they may have while watching. It can also be a great way to bond with your child while educating them.

Be sure to make time to have at least one meal a day where you sit down and eat with your child. Doing this will give you a chance to engage in discussions with your child about what they learned in school and about the educational experiences you have had together. Having one meal together a day will go a long way to further the education of your gifted child and it will help to form open lines of communication about other topics.

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