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Nutrition is the Key to a Great Day

A good day of school can only be accomplished with the right nutrition. This is because the body and mind need to have the proper nutrition if your child is going to be able to stay focused. The mind will become tired and distracted if the body is hungry. All your child will end up thinking about is how hungry they are. Even children who do not realize they are hungry will have trouble paying attention.

The best way to get your children started off right every morning is to give them the right breakfast. The right breakfast has a lot of protein, a little fat and very little sugar. The sugar is a very important part to the equation. When a child eats a lot of sugar in their cereal, it will lead to a sugar high which they will crash from within the first hour of the day. A good breakfast would be eggs, toast, potatoes and a glass of milk or orange juice.
Snacks are something which often gets overlooked as your child gets older. This is unfortunate because the schools have been more and more offering vending machines filled with sugary snacks in schools. These are not snacks your child does not need. They would not be tempted to eat these snacks if you were giving them a nutritious snack they can bring to school with them.

The after school snack is another great way to keep your student focused when they are trying to study. It is a good idea to keep items in the home which may be easily heated up in the microwave, or eaten directly out of the package. This can include granola bars, or mini pizzas. The idea is to not supply things with empty calories. Carbohydrates are good because they give long term energy.

While it is good to have good nutrition at meals, the snacks should also be healthy and nutritious. This will do a lot to help keep your child healthy, motivated and on target with everything they need to do every day. Try to keep in mind the snacks should be realistic as to what they will eat in order to keep them from rebelling against the snacks.

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