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Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

It is important for parents to stay active in their child’s education. Parents need to understand exactly what is going on with their child and the issues that their child may face. Parents who talk to teacher are able to support their child in the way that they need to be supported to be successful.

There are a couple of questions that you are going to want to ask the teacher. These questions will help to give you insight into your child's education and the troubles (or successes) that they may be having.

How is My Child's Attitude?

One of the most important things to look into, as far as your child's education is concerned, is their attitude. If your child is upset or has a poor attitude toward school, it will reflect in their grades. Asking for insight into your child’s attitude will help you to understand if they are having problems in school, as far as their approach or feelings toward school are concerned.

Where is My Child Struggling?

As a parent, you need to know all of the issues that your child has in school. Asking the teacher about the struggles of your child will help you to better understand how you can help your child to improve. Problems like poor study habits or a lack of sleep are issues that you can help your child overcome.

Where Does My Child Excel?

Talking to your child’s teacher does not need to be completely negative. It is important for both parents and teachers to mention the positive things and to lift the child up for their strengths. Talk to your child’s teacher about their strengths to understand what they excel in. Focusing in on this may help you to better understand how to help them improve in the areas that they struggle in.

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