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Relating Mathematics to Everyday Life

Many children do not like mathematics because of the way it has been presented to them. If a child, no matter how academically advanced, does not have a natural love of numbers, they may need something to spark their interest in math. Taking time to figure out how to link mathematics concepts with your child's interest can provide them with the ground work they require for lifelong learning.

Take some of your child's interests and show them how math relates to it. Many times, children view math as being separate from other areas of life. Once a child is shown how math relates to everyday life then it changes the way they think about it.

Develop questions to ask your child about their interest which can be answered through the use of mathematics. Make a game out of obtaining the answer and work on obtaining the answer with them. Some parents find if their child is interested in sports, taking them to game can be a great way to do these types of activities. Task such as figuring out statistics, adding up scores or yards run or other related facts can be quite fun.

Planning activities in your home with your child that combines activities and math concepts can be both fun and educational. Baking cookies or making homemade play dough can give you chance to have your child use the math concepts they have learned and learn new ones. Concepts taught in fun environment are better retained by children.

As your child grows older, their interests will change. As this happens, be sure to take these changing interests as an opportunity to apply more advanced mathematical concepts to different activities. This will keep your child's love of learning growing throughout the years. It will also help them develop skills they will use in college and in life.

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