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Rewarding Your Child's Academic Performance

It is important for parents to push their child in an attempt to get the best possible academic performance out of them. With that being said, it is also important for parents to realize when they need to back off and when they need to be as supportive as possible.

Rewarding your child’s academic performance is a great way to show them that you recognize the hard work that they are putting into their school work. There are a couple of different ways for you to reward their performance that will help to give positive reinforcement.

For Good Grades

One way to recognize the academic performance of your child is to reward them based on their grades. You can offer to give them a slightly higher allowance for strong test grades or for strong end-of-semester grades. You can give them extra money for movies or offer to buy them something if they get specific grades.

For Good Habits

While it is important to recognize your child for their strong academic performance, it is also important to recognize study habits. You can reward your child for the way that they prepared for a test before they even get their test results in. This shows that you are supportive of the way that they approached the test. When you give encouragement that is not based on performance, your child is less likely to be depressed about a poor test.

Parents need to do more than simply push their children to perform well on tests. Parents needs to reward their children for studying hard and for getting good grades. Think of the different types of rewards that your child would appreciate and think of ways to incorporate that into how you reward them for their schoolwork. This positive reinforcement can help to keep them on the path to academic success, even in times of failure.

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