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The Importance of Reading

Parents want their children to have everything they need to be successful in school and afterward. One of the best tools for success parents can give their child is a love of reading. By working with a child early in childhood to establish reading habits lays the groundwork for them to be avid readers and have a continuing thirst for knowledge.

Read to your child from an early age. Studies have shown that children who are read to at least 30 minutes per day in the years prior to entering school are more skilled. These children learn to read easily and have larger vocabularies than children who were not read to. Children who are read to in their early childhood years also have better reading comprehension and less behavioral problems.

Having your child read books written in their reading level for an hour per day can very beneficial. Children who are in the habit of reading for pleasure an hour per day do better on test and participate more in class than their non-reading counterparts. Children who read regularly also form lifelong reading habits.

Some parents have difficulty getting their child to read an hour per day. There are some rules to follow which can make this easier for both you and your child. First, do not make having to read seem as if it is a chore or something negative. Instead present reading as a positive to your child. Tell your child they get the privilege of reading after other homework has been done. Highlight the aspects of reading which are enjoyable such as getting to use their imaginations and going on mental adventures.

Another way to get your child to love reading is finding the type of books they enjoy to read. Many children do not like to read simply because the books they are reading do not capture their interest. Work with your child to find the books which hold their interest. Go the library with your child and work together on making appropriate book selections. This way your child your will feel more a part of the process and be more eager to read. Taking time to do this will pay off in the years to come.

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