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Your Child and the Internet

The internet has replaced many of the different study tools parents used when they were growing up. The problem many parents encounter is how to properly regulate their children when the internet is involved. Parents want to give their children all the tools for success, but they want for their children to be safe at the same time as well as remaining focused.

One thing parents can do is to use parental tools to limit where their children can go on the internet. This will keep them safe from the many different negative things they can encounter on the internet. You can restrict their access to websites which contain pornography, offensive material and the likes. There are programs you can purchase which will do this automatically. You can also alter settings on the computer to inhibit their ability access specific websites.

One good way to help keep your child focused when studying is to have a separate computer which is used just for studying and work. This will make it where they do not have access to the games or social networking tools which can distract them from what they should be doing. The separate computer takes away the temptation to access the many different things they normally do for fun on their own computer.

It is also a good idea to work with your child to show them all the different websites which will provide them the best information. They need to know exactly where to go in order to get the best information for their schoolwork. Another good idea is to sign up for a subscription to online encyclopedias. This will give your children a great tool they can access easily.
Giving your child tools for success should not put them in danger. You can give them the perfect tools which will allow them to succeed with a little effort on your part.

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